Sunday, March 28, 2010

Another stolen identity and of course YouTube has not suspended this creepo serial identity thief
Above the serial identity thief on YouTube at work.

I got  an email thanking me and I did not know what the kind person was referring to at first because I have been cyber stalked and harassed under so many different identities I can't keep track.

 impostor  changed the "g" to a "q" and youtube will do nothing

The real person
The name looks similar but one is the serial identity thief on YouTube that I believe stole Tony Avella's Identity to contact me.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oh how could I forget Cloe Buckingham and all the different Cloes including the Cloe that reached out to almost everyone that commented to harass them

Many more blind accounts but not posting them right now - one reason time and energy

I just don't have the time and energy right now to go through the high volume of YouTube comments and messages I have been sent and a large quantity I believe are from one single entity although how he has the time and stamina to create so many YouTube accounts is hard to imagine....unless this is part of the new technology of campaigning and this guy is sitting in a bull pen at City Hall or Bloomberg News or is paid cash by Bloomberg's campaign staff perhaps before he completely got nasty and ugly he did have some help....maybe some female intern because some of his YouTube accounts were female including when he took my name and added a word but took my age and gender. He did the same when he stole Tony Avella's identity...taking his age, gender...I haven't had time to post his YouTube names from Korea as well...he has been a lord, a president and so many other names including the newest with Hitler in in.

To your right in the archive is the Tony Avella stolen identity links and when I first saw them they looked the same but they were not the same. So when I blocked the first Tony Avella I was surprised to see the stolen Tony Avella identity back harassing me.

Sometimes the comments are inane and sometimes they are not. He would fill my my box with comments, he tracked all my comments, some were not on politics and than he got very nasty and the comment he made to me about my bad hair day and measuring my lack of cleavage when I talked about Imette St. Guillen and Jennifer Moore being raped and murdered was awful and unforgivable as well.

There was an awful comment and too vile to post here about Kunstler's daughters on the YouTube interview I made with them about their new film.

All I know is when I wrote the mayor this email and also went to this guy's channel page and posted comments about aggravated harassment and stealing identities being serious he did stop again for now -- yet again... He does things in "waves" -- in bursts....

All my work was mysteriously banned and removed from YouTube for 28 hours in an election that was too close to call and yet all these abusers have never been banned-- oh wait -- the 2 stolen Tony Avella identities and I just found out the Kunstler daughter's commentor has been suspended but most have not and the one which may or may not be Bloombergforlife involves a racist gang rape but his channel is not banned. Google said I was banned by due to a tech glitch but I think Bloombergforlife was involved and worked YouTube and except for the stolen Tony Avella accounts he has not been banned. I am not the only one he harassed and stalks but I have gotten the most attacks including him also harassing almost every person that came and commented on my YouTubes.

I am an outspoken woman and all my work is banned but these abuser men are not banned and a separate or maybe not is an aggravated harassment complaint I was able to file and I handed in comments to the NYPD from Azi Paybarah's blog on his piece "Suzannah B. Troy won't be quieted" and every time I get harassed in the flash, stalked in the flesh and or on the internet it is with one goal to intimidate and silence me one way or another so yes I believe sexism and misogyny play a big role in this as well as other issues but the bottom line or goal is to silence me and why is that? Why the silence? If I was so wrong why would anyone care? It is really, really ugly.

Since posting this on my blog all is quiet for now....

To date Mike Bloomberg and his high priced campaign manager have not accounted the $750,000 he spent the day before the election buying more favor with the independent party and the org that the money was directed too did not become legal to a month after...I can't help but wonder if the new age of technology and campaigning has gone to a new level involving cyber stalking and harassment and is this guy being paid by Bloomberg's people to harass the Bloomberg resistance on the internet. And why now, because perhaps Bloomberg is truly considering running yet again for President hence he wrongly burdens the tax payers with an estimated 2 mill to put his campaign staff on City Hall's payroll and during the harshest of closings, budget cuts and more cuts to come....

I email Mayor Bloomberg- I made some abbreviations & edits to make the word count

I have contacted Commish Kelly's office. Bloombergforlife who I wonder if he is a paid campaign staffer of yours who viscously harassed me non stop under many different identities and stole Tony Avella's identity to further harass me on YouTube is at it again. He calls himself NicoHitler this time and apparently Elizabeth Benjamin writing me up in her column and linking to my YouTube where I call for Paterson to resign & express a wish to makes a citizen's arrest of you for hiring your campaign staff during a massive budget crisis has stirred him up. When you steal someone's identity and harass someone on the computer it is breaking the law and can mean jail time. Since your campaign staff is now working at City Hall I suggest you talk to your staff and if he is on your payroll or they have knowledge of this guy he should turn himself in. He wrote he celebrated w/you at the Sheraton but he called himself Tony Avella when he harassed me to inform me. //////////////////// on the volume of his missives & I believe he was behind getting all 334 YouTubes of mine wrongly banned.

Monday, March 8, 2010

SylvieKloot like Cloe is from Australia and definitely Bloombergforlife

I can't seem to copy the many different comments but here is

the good brooklyn muscle man gives me Bloombergforlife aka SylviKloot click on this Brooklyn takes you to a different channel name looks same -(DMD) -(DMD)
Just when I thought things stopped, the cyber-stalker continues. There's like 3 different handles on Sylvie Kloot (obviously the same person who's been writing pro-Bloomberg comments on other pages). These accounts all have the capital 'i's and lowercase 'L's switched. It kind of shows the mentality of some Bloomberg supporters in a bad light.

Anyway, there's 4 comments still on your pages - (1 comment) (2 comments) (1 comment)

None of his other comments have been removed on other pages despite being reported to YouTube (3 days ago when he impersonated me). It's obvious that this person has a lot of free time on his hands and YouTube/Google isn't doing much to stop him.

Brooklyn Muscle Man the not nice one who points out fake identities we believe are Bloombergforlife

Comment on your video: Bloomberg Protest Brenda Stokely speaks up for the people of New York
Comment on your video: Bloomberg Protest Brenda Stokely speaks up for the people of New York
If Brenda Stokely gave a hoot about NYC, she would know that the city has been sodomised by rent control.

Fixing prices artificially low only creates shortages.
Bloomberg Protest Brenda Stokely speaks up for the people of New York
Interview with activist Brenda Stokely!
I am posting live from the street as the protest sets up. There is a bus stop by the empty store front that now is his campaign office so the NYPD made protestors move down the street.
I wanted us to be right...
Nov 07, 2009

Howdythere34 abusive YouTuber -- Bloombergforlife? Just clicked on Howdy's account and he is suspended

YouTube help center | e-mail options | report spam

howdythere34 has made a comment on Disturbing the Universe interview Emily & Sarah also why Activism Lawyers are so important:

I had to remove the comment -- it was very abusive and violent

You can reply to this comment by visiting the comments page.

Is this the real Brooklyn Muscle man or not?

BrooklynMuscleMan has made a comment on Mayor Bloomberg's slushy mega buck buying city council's support (?) moves to 3rd term:

Notice the Bloomberg supporters like hoochee (who has many numbers) and my impersonator have so many handles? It goes to show Bloomberg supporters are in the minority and they would stoop so low as to impersonate others to say that he's the best (when obviously, he's not). It also shows his supporters have NO FAITH in the leader they elected to have some "pee-on" try to create confusion on YouTube. You, hoochee, will never amount to anything outside your room so deal with it!

You can reply to this comment by visiting the comments page. send me a gang rape YouTube mail YouTube did not suspend

We have been discussing this abuser and we don't know if he exclusively harasses women only and if he has any connection to Bloombergforlife as I believe many of these fake blind accounts do.
the violent racist rape message was turned in to YouTube and Google and the account has not been suspended. is this Bloomberg for Life?

Bloomberg for LIfe YouTube account as Bloombergforlife

As I have said this mental patient possible played employee on Bloomberg has harassed me under so many names I can't keep count but here is the one that also appears on The New York Daily News website.

Bloomberg for Life as Hoochee with many different no. thi is hoochee002

Bloomberg for LIfe as Cleo but he was many Cleo's so let us call this Cleo one

She is from Australia

Playlist series for Bloombergforlife Cyber stalker identity thief - is he on Mike's payroll?

3 new identities that all seem to be Bloombergforlife and I wrote mayor Bloomberg

I email Mike Bloomberg and by the way one of his new names has Hitler in it...he use to ramble to me about the gulags, etc. so much crazy stuff and in high volume but when I told him yet again I was contact the police he stopped. He may have read this...

He posts comments under this identities on YouTube with Rachel Trachenberg opposing Bloomberg who is a young girl

hoochee001 and

I was told by the YouTuber that has the channel and opposed Bloomberg's third term this
"Cloe had mentioned you. She had also copied and pasted lines directly from the NY Post, lies about bloomberg. I removed her comments because I thought that they weren't real but more propaganda from Bloomberg's team of people and then Lord Carruthers and hoochee001 began commenting and spamming other videos which were completely unrelated to bloomberg.

More emails exposing Bloombergforlife other YouTube identities from Brooklyn Muscle man

Re: Re: Thanks and gratitude
The plot thickens! I made another statement about TonyAvella to draw out negative comments and I found some of these accounts signed on during that time:

I know there are about 13 (or more) of these accounts but these seem to show up often. Reading some of CloeBuckingham's work makes me think that this person has a "Jekyll and Hyde" personality. It was already discussed on this person's page about CloeBuckingham's multiple accounts (on the bottom). -

This might be either one person, or a bunch of college friends harassing people (I believe it's the former). This CloeBuckingham person seems like a college student who's entertainment seems to be putting on different persona... more

You can reply to this message by visiting your inbox.

Both of these Tony Avella accounts where Tony Avella's identity was stolen by Bloomberg for Life are suspended

BrooklynMuscleMan has sent you a message:

Re: Thanks and gratitude
You're welcome! I could never stand fakes.

That Tony Avella fake has two accounts (and probably has other accounts). and

I'm not too sure why he comes out after the election but I'm hoping he gets shut down (and his IP address banned) from YouTube.

You can reply to this message by visiting your inbox.

Brooklyn Muscle Man gives me this info but when I try and post about aggravated harassment he doesn't allow it to be posted on his channel page

BrooklynMuscleMan has sent you a message:

Re: Thanks and gratitude
You're welcome! I could never stand fakes.

That Tony Avella fake has two accounts (and probably has other accounts). and

I'm not too sure why he comes out after the election but I'm hoping he gets shut down (and his IP address banned) from YouTube.

You can reply to this message by visiting your inbox.

I can't even tell you went it started but it has been going on for way too long

I don't have time to give you all the names and there are so many and also some were stolen and made to look strikingly similiar to YouTube community members that opposed Mike Bloomberg denying us a referendum.

He would change gender and age. He contacted almost every person who commented on my YouTube all over the world as a woman and told them I censor "her".

After Mike Bloomberg barely won the election I got a YouTube comment from Tony Avella asking me why I had not written in his name. I voted for Thompson. It was not Tony Avella. Tony is not a member of the YouTube community and has never posted a comment on YouTube.

Than the fake Tony Avella insulted activist Brenda Stokely who I interviewed at a protest and she talked to me about Charter Schools which she is a critic of.

The real Tony Avella would never do this and than the stolen Tony Avella posted a comment telling me he was Mike Bloomberg celebrating at the Sheraton so my question is -- is this a paid employee of Bloomberg?

Bloomberg has installed his key campaign staff at City Hall which is burdening the tax payers to the tune of what The New York Post estimates is over 2 million dollars in the midst of a budget meltdown with harsh budget cuts and closings.

It feels criminal that Bloomberg is doing this but worse is someone cyber stalking, stalking, stealing people's identities for Mike Bloomberg?

Mike Bloomberg and Wolfson can not explain where $750,000 went the day before the election and my question is did some go to the cyber stalker with so many different alias on YouTube I can't keep up with them including becoming me, a 47 year old woman named Suzannahartistcensors but all the comments seem to come from one person Bloombergforlife who has made many references to me on fellow YouTubers channels also and by the way there is a Bloombergforlife that comments on the NYDailyNews website but stopped.

What stirred him up this time....Elizabeth Benjamin wrote me up demanding Paterson step down and linked to my YouTube but guess what the YouTube also slams Mike Bloomberg. The night Elizabeth posted her piece I got harassed on YouTube by 3 new identities I believe are Bloombergforlife.

He told me I am a manic depressive off my meds and I could not help but think he is a manic depressive off his meds because it must take manic energy to create that many YouTube Channels and identities.

A YouTuber Brooklyn Muscle man sent me 2 channel pages that said Tony Avella and than told me Bloombergforlife had stolen his identity as well and he would write me but I never knew if this was a real genuine tuber or Bloombergforlife making sure I noticed his hard work.

Sick stuff and so many identities I don't have time to tell you them all.

In fact I have to run.