Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bloombergforlife yet another sock puppet account

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carbineautomatic has made a comment on Mayor Bloomberg BIGGEST WHITE COLLAR CRIME EVER NYC GOV WAKE-UP NYERS!:
huh? Bloomberg is possibly one of the greatest mayors ever. He protects NYC from Harold McGraw and the Koch brothers. Or at the very least, mitigates some of their offensives. Whatever 'scandals' have passed under his watch are insignificant, in comparison to the scandals of others, people who are trying to overthrow the government etc.

Sent them all to DA including one account I am not posting with a flurry of missives - also anti-Semitic but in the midst of verbal masturbation and perhaps a bizarre attraction to me is a statement I don’t know what I am talking about and I can’t help is the stalkers for Bloomberg mean CityTime which infact I was the only person who said do not renew with SAIC instead we need a full investigation.

The fact I want arrests and I want NYC gov to sue to get money back re: ECTP and NYCAPS.

Had a series of sock puppet accounts all anonymous of course.

Kraken138 like Bloombergforlife Makes Channel Page Unavailable

Comment on your video: Slut Walk NYC Stop Rapes

@Suzannahartist I guess you support heavy political censorship too. Why not wave banners letting people know that is something you believe in, as well? 
Thousands marched not hundreds....Stop blaming the victim. Huge turn-out deeply moving. Hugged and comforted women close to tears. Yetta Kurland prevented NYPD from forcing us on sidewalk on 4th Ave. http://suzannahbtroy.blogsp... FYI: I spoke...
This comment is very much like Cloe and Bloomberg for life -- even taking my name, gender and age and setting up a channel Suzannahartistcensors when I removed Cloe’s many spam comments about Mike Bloomberg and 311.

I remoeved Kraken’s comment because it was stupid and misogynist.   When I went to try and block Kranken138 the channel was unavailable which is something that Bloombergforlife under other identities started to do often....really cowardly and of course all anonymous.

I wasn’t sure there was a  connection until I got a Cloe comment as well -- their comments back to back in my mail box.

Click on the photo above for his account  and see for yourself ---  coward makes account available.

CloeBuckingham Mike Bloomberg’s Cyber Stalker Is Back

Reply to your comment on: Michael Bloomberg booed at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire Commemoration(3/25/11)

Bloomberg is kind.
Mayor Michael Bloomberg Speaking at the 100th Commemoration of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire as the crowd boos at him. No other speaker had this kind of response.

For more information on the tragedy visit:

I blocked Cloe and other identities used by this cyber stalker and made it clear I did not want any contact so Bloomberg’s cyber stalker stalks me to where I have comments and replies so he can get by the blocking feature -- why did Bloomberg’s Cyber Stalker come back on October 7, 11 making this obsession of cyber stalking me and harassing me as well as every person that commented on my YouTubes.  Cloe contacted every person who commented on my YouTubes and harassed them as well.

I also see I have gotten quite a lot of activity on my Bloomberg for Life Cyber Stalking earning a couple of bucks on advertising...ironic isn’t it.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mayor Mike Bloomberg Haggerty NY Post Judge DA Cover-Ups?

Read this piece I wrote. It is long and you actually have to use your brain and think. There is nothing new about media moguls and their roll in attempting to rule politics. Rent Mr. Smith Goes to Washington starring Jimmy Stewart. I feel like Jimmy Stewart with my YouTubes and blog postings most especially on Mike’s third term, Christine Quinn, CityTime and Haggerty.

Monday, March 28, 2011

JohnDenault1 Bloomberg’s Newest Cyberstalking Sock puppet comments and than closes his account - did he know I just sent the FBI an email

I had just sent the FBI quite an email and when I clicked on the newest Bloomberg cyber stalking sockpuppet -- they also work for David Yassky at least pre-the election and for Christine Quinn

-- well JohnDenault1  closed up his account!

They have been up to all kinds of mischief and for some reason feel very confident they won’t be going to jail and be banned from computer use will there!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The NY Post Prevents Suzannah B. Troy from commenting as she would today about the media refusing to report Mike Bloomberg was Booed Relentlessly at The Triangle Shirt Factory Memorial with Shouts of Tammany Hall

Well folks that makes two accounts The NY Post has suspended and they say I am self promoting.

This would be me self promoting today.   I would post on Geraldine Ferrara’s Obit in the Editorial Section Why didn’t The New York Post report that mayor Mike Bloomberg was booed relentlessly with protestors yelling Tammany Hall, “Why did you close our fire houses” in response to Bloomberg using the word safety.   Bloomberg talked about construction safety yet under his mayoral leadership we have record amounts of construction related deaths and injuries + infrastructure as well including Con Ed employees and civilians.

No New York paper reported Bloomberg being booed which brings us back to the media silencing voices in opposition pre-the election that Mike Bloomberg barely won but The New York Post is the only paper to suspend me -- twice.  I wrote Rupert Murdoch and left voice mails with his children who are in my age range. 

Very shameful.

Is this because of Glen Hutchins and Gartner?  The NY Post unwittingly revealed that Gartner agreed to pay Spherion a 20 percent kick back on billing and oops Spherion consultants were stealing 80 million -- over billing and Gartner agreed to extortion instead of reporting Spherion and refusing to do business.

Does Rupert Murdoch have a relationship with Hutchins as well as Bloomberg and has agreed to silence trouble makers.  After all the editors of The NY Post published Mitchell Moss’s letter of lies attempt to refute Fred Siegel’s expose “Bloomberg’s Bubble Burst” and Moss, an NYU employee and on the developer Rudin family’s payroll - Rudin who is a trustee of NYU, NYU that did an illegal air sale next door to my home of 20 years -- and busting through zoning while Moss’s letter in the NY Post says Mike Bloomberg preserved our neighborhoods and praised his zoning when in fact Mike and Amanda Burden approved and facilitated  the illegal air sale 120 East 12 by the USPS to NYU and the tear down of St. Ann’s that survived everything all these years from 1847 on except NYU’s greed and need to mega dorm the East Village to death.

What is interesting is I was told Moss worked on Bloomberg’s campaign and his false hoods and empty praise of Mike Bloomberg echoed non-stop spam that turned in to aggravated harassment by sock puppet accounts we believe were paid to harass and intimidate Bloomberg’s opposition on the world wide web into silence.   By the way, The NY Post editors never stated under Mitchell Moss’s name his relationship to NYU, Rudin and Bloomberg.

I had all my YouTubes removed before the election and again we believe this was done by Mike Bloomberg and gangs people but like Haggerty, Mike Bloomberg can cry -- he is just too rich to know where and what is being done with his money, when in fact Mike funneled money to Haggerty 2 elections in a row, this past one via the Independence Party and the prior one via the Republican Party.

When you see Bloomberg being booed and it is startling and you know the main stream media is not reporting it == you have to ask why and again just like Bloomberg’s dirty tactics to steal a third term and the media helping him because The NY Times and NY Daily News owners like Mike have a special relationship with Steve Rattner who was busted for pay to play NY Pensions, it is just startling how our major New York newspapers are in league with silencing voices in opposition.

An activist made a Wiki page about my YouTube’s being removed before the election -- censorship and Wiki removed it as well!  The editor in charge exposed that account was under attack from sock puppet accounts and suspended two accounts that called for the immediate removal of the page on my censorship but the editor took it down because Wiki said I had not had enough news published about me and gee um why would that be?

Today New Yorkers and the Global Audience know you are all witness to a continued cover-up on behalf of Mike Bloomberg and his friends and the fact that the newspapers refuse to report that Bloomberg was booed relentlessly is hard to believe and an indicator that the powers that be are covering up for a lot more.  Bloomberg’s third term scandals are gathering steam like Ed Koch’s third term.
In the above YouTube you can hear them yelling “Tammany Hall”.

Dear Post Editors -- if I had posted this as a video response - Why would this be self promoting why would this be so threatening to you that you would have to ban me will The New York Post allows the most Racist Anti-Semtic and Misogynist comments up?  You would think the NY Post would come in to the 21 st century.  The NY Post is the only website that you can’t read comments or post them from an iphone and ipad.   It is almost hilarious that the NY Post accuses me of self promoting when their website plugs their TV show and everything possible to make money but The NY Post Editors and now it appears Rupert Murdoch want my voice silenced.

By the way, Gartner was not punished for agreeing to pay Spherion 20 percent of what they billed which is like Mafia extortion.  Why is this completely hidden except for one article by Sally Goldenberg that perhaps The NY Post accidentally published. 

Is this one more reason why I am not allowed to comment on The New York Post.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cyber Stalker Aggravated Harassment on behalf of Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn: CloeBuckingham is this image of the young woman stolen?

click on image to see photo -- has this photo been stolen and used as a sock puppet account guilty of aggravated harassment......?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Cloe Buckingham Bloomberg Quinn sock puppet cyber stalker committed aggravated harassment again today

I have told this cyber stalker to not contact me over a year ago and she did continue to harass me, fill my mail box with spam by find creative ways and new variations on the name Cloe to harass me.

She contacted every person that commented and harassed them as well.

The goal is to discourage people from commenting as she spouts inane lies on behalf of Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn both who talk a lot of talk and lie through their teeth!

I wonder if they stole the photo or if that is the real person who has harassed me for over a year now.CloeBuckingham

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Mike Bloomberg Haggerty + Bloomberg’s Cyber Stalking Sock Puppet Accounts = Mike Bloomberg can’t keep track of how his money is spent he is just so rich!

Mike Bloomberg funneled money to Haggerty two elections in a row.  Read this article

My belief is Mike Bloomberg has won philosophy --- win, it is not how you play the game -- just bring me a win.   That is why he stands by Steve Rattner who was busted for “pay to play” NY Pensions, and than he paid to not go to jail and paid to not plead guilty and Mike stands by his man.

Mike has Cy Vance and NYC judges believing that Mike is just so darn rich he can’t be held accountable for how he spends his money and where it goes.  Did you expect Mike to lojack his money or even care where the 150 million dollars went that he spent to steal the election?

The same with the countless sock puppet accounts cyber stalking, harassing which is aggravated harassment and like breaking campaign laws carries jail time oh and stealing people’s identities including Tony Avella’s, than a city council member, now a senator.

I guess it is like Elliot Spitzer -- the powers that be won’t do anything until is serves their purposes and or some very rich powerful people.