Monday, March 8, 2010

I can't even tell you went it started but it has been going on for way too long

I don't have time to give you all the names and there are so many and also some were stolen and made to look strikingly similiar to YouTube community members that opposed Mike Bloomberg denying us a referendum.

He would change gender and age. He contacted almost every person who commented on my YouTube all over the world as a woman and told them I censor "her".

After Mike Bloomberg barely won the election I got a YouTube comment from Tony Avella asking me why I had not written in his name. I voted for Thompson. It was not Tony Avella. Tony is not a member of the YouTube community and has never posted a comment on YouTube.

Than the fake Tony Avella insulted activist Brenda Stokely who I interviewed at a protest and she talked to me about Charter Schools which she is a critic of.

The real Tony Avella would never do this and than the stolen Tony Avella posted a comment telling me he was Mike Bloomberg celebrating at the Sheraton so my question is -- is this a paid employee of Bloomberg?

Bloomberg has installed his key campaign staff at City Hall which is burdening the tax payers to the tune of what The New York Post estimates is over 2 million dollars in the midst of a budget meltdown with harsh budget cuts and closings.

It feels criminal that Bloomberg is doing this but worse is someone cyber stalking, stalking, stealing people's identities for Mike Bloomberg?

Mike Bloomberg and Wolfson can not explain where $750,000 went the day before the election and my question is did some go to the cyber stalker with so many different alias on YouTube I can't keep up with them including becoming me, a 47 year old woman named Suzannahartistcensors but all the comments seem to come from one person Bloombergforlife who has made many references to me on fellow YouTubers channels also and by the way there is a Bloombergforlife that comments on the NYDailyNews website but stopped.

What stirred him up this time....Elizabeth Benjamin wrote me up demanding Paterson step down and linked to my YouTube but guess what the YouTube also slams Mike Bloomberg. The night Elizabeth posted her piece I got harassed on YouTube by 3 new identities I believe are Bloombergforlife.

He told me I am a manic depressive off my meds and I could not help but think he is a manic depressive off his meds because it must take manic energy to create that many YouTube Channels and identities.

A YouTuber Brooklyn Muscle man sent me 2 channel pages that said Tony Avella and than told me Bloombergforlife had stolen his identity as well and he would write me but I never knew if this was a real genuine tuber or Bloombergforlife making sure I noticed his hard work.

Sick stuff and so many identities I don't have time to tell you them all.

In fact I have to run.