Monday, March 8, 2010

the good brooklyn muscle man gives me Bloombergforlife aka SylviKloot click on this Brooklyn takes you to a different channel name looks same -(DMD) -(DMD)
Just when I thought things stopped, the cyber-stalker continues. There's like 3 different handles on Sylvie Kloot (obviously the same person who's been writing pro-Bloomberg comments on other pages). These accounts all have the capital 'i's and lowercase 'L's switched. It kind of shows the mentality of some Bloomberg supporters in a bad light.

Anyway, there's 4 comments still on your pages - (1 comment) (2 comments) (1 comment)

None of his other comments have been removed on other pages despite being reported to YouTube (3 days ago when he impersonated me). It's obvious that this person has a lot of free time on his hands and YouTube/Google isn't doing much to stop him.