Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bloombergforlife yet another sock puppet account

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carbineautomatic has made a comment on Mayor Bloomberg BIGGEST WHITE COLLAR CRIME EVER NYC GOV WAKE-UP NYERS!:
huh? Bloomberg is possibly one of the greatest mayors ever. He protects NYC from Harold McGraw and the Koch brothers. Or at the very least, mitigates some of their offensives. Whatever 'scandals' have passed under his watch are insignificant, in comparison to the scandals of others, people who are trying to overthrow the government etc.

Sent them all to DA including one account I am not posting with a flurry of missives - also anti-Semitic but in the midst of verbal masturbation and perhaps a bizarre attraction to me is a statement I don’t know what I am talking about and I can’t help is the stalkers for Bloomberg mean CityTime which infact I was the only person who said do not renew with SAIC instead we need a full investigation.

The fact I want arrests and I want NYC gov to sue to get money back re: ECTP and NYCAPS.

Had a series of sock puppet accounts all anonymous of course.