Saturday, October 8, 2011

Kraken138 like Bloombergforlife Makes Channel Page Unavailable

Comment on your video: Slut Walk NYC Stop Rapes

@Suzannahartist I guess you support heavy political censorship too. Why not wave banners letting people know that is something you believe in, as well? 
Thousands marched not hundreds....Stop blaming the victim. Huge turn-out deeply moving. Hugged and comforted women close to tears. Yetta Kurland prevented NYPD from forcing us on sidewalk on 4th Ave. http://suzannahbtroy.blogsp... FYI: I spoke...
This comment is very much like Cloe and Bloomberg for life -- even taking my name, gender and age and setting up a channel Suzannahartistcensors when I removed Cloe’s many spam comments about Mike Bloomberg and 311.

I remoeved Kraken’s comment because it was stupid and misogynist.   When I went to try and block Kranken138 the channel was unavailable which is something that Bloombergforlife under other identities started to do often....really cowardly and of course all anonymous.

I wasn’t sure there was a  connection until I got a Cloe comment as well -- their comments back to back in my mail box.

Click on the photo above for his account  and see for yourself ---  coward makes account available.